Agora Church Online 2021

We explored some great topics as a church in 2021 - check them out again below. 

Summer Online Series

While we take a few weeks break from our usual Sunday gatherings, we are continuing to hear from the Church leadership and lean into God's word by tuning into a weekly message online. Check it out! Sunday gatherings will recommence on the 16th of January.

26th December 2021

2nd January 2022

9th January 2022

5th December 2021

12th December 2021

19th December 2021

14th November 2021

21st November 2021

28th November 2021

24th October 2021

October 31st 2021

7th November 2021

3rd October 2021

10th October 2021

17th October 2021

12th September 2021

19th September 2021

26th September 2021

5th September 2021

29th August 2021

22nd August 2021