Agora Church Online 2022

We explored some great topics as a church in 2022 - check them out again below. 

10th July

The Resurrection

26th June 2022

Evidence for God from Creation

3rd July

What about other religions? 

12th June 2022

Questions about Suffering

5th June 2022

Acts 27

22nd May 2022

Sinner to Saint - Acts 9

8th May 2022

Women & Acts (Mother's Day)

29th May

Acts 16

15th May 2022

Exploring Acts 4

1st May 2022

Intro to Acts

In this four part series we explore what Easter is all about and what it has to do with the way we live today

17th April 2022

Easter Celebration 

‚Äč3rd April 2022

Power of the Resurrection

10th April 2022

Jesus is King

27th March 2022

Is God actually enough?

This series is all about giving you all the tools to be confident when someone asks you about your faith.

20th March

What's more exciting E-scooters or Jesus

6th March 2022

The Five Myths of Evangelism

20th February 2022

How would you describe fullness of life? 

13th March

Evangelism: A practical guide

27th February 2022

Exploring the Gospel

13th February 2022

How to not be awkward when talking about Jesus

In this first series for the year we explore the vision for the church in 2022 and what it means for us as a community to be outward looking. 

6th February 2022

Compassion in Outreach

23rd January 2022

The Power of The Gospel

30th January 2022

Praying as we Go

16th January 2022

God's Will or Mine?

Love for God

24th April 2022

Love for God